The Crüxshadows are:
Rogue Jessica Jen (Pyro) David JoHanna Mike Jenne

NameDavid Russell Wood
BirthdateMarch 6, 1984
Quote"Music is what happens inside you when you hear certain things."
LivedWyoming, Florida (currently).
Previous ProjectsUniversity of Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, University of Wyoming Chamber orchestra, Powder River Symphony, various quartets and ensembles.
Likes, Loves, & InspirationsTEA! (I'm obsessed with it), My family and friends, intellectualism, sentimentality, philosophy, playing music, the culinary arts.
Favorite Color
(other than black)
Favorite Video GamesWolfenstein: Enemy Territory. F.E.A.R. ,Quake 4, and other first person shooters. also- Half Life series, Titan Quest, Diablo II, Call of Duty, and anything from the DOOM series.
Favorite MovieSOYLENT GREEN IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER, childrens movies, older movies, anime, bad horror films, and just movies in general. Cheesy satires are the best.
Favorite TV showsRocko's modern life & Metalocalypse.
Favorite BooksAnything written by Philip K. Dick or H.P. Lovecraft.
LikesPeople with the integrity to be themselves dispite what others may think, Humanism, honesty, true good nature, quiet evenings shared with my loved ones, a good conversation, philosophy, music of all types, hugs, the culinary arts, TEA, beef, sushi, good coffee, quiet, being alone in the wilderness, getting lost in the mountains, cold showers, TEA, going to shows, playing classical music though i'm not so fond of listening to it, TEA, good red wine, offbeat humor, military surplus stores, MRE's, TEA, candy, and I absolutely adore the spanish language.
DislikesManipulative people, dishonest people, ungrounded assumptions, white wine, raw tomato, asparagus, closed mindedness, Defeatist attitudes, arrogance, washing dishes, cooking pizzas, and hatred.