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Posted on Nov 23, 2017
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Saw you perform at the Endless Night Vampire Ball 2017 at the House of Blues in New Orleans!!! I love you folks and I never heard of you before until now. Downloaded your latest album from iTunes and it is now my new workout playlist. looking forward to seeing you play again, come up to Alaska!!!
Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Posted on Sep 14, 2017
Name: jason
Ha! I found it...January 16th REAL BAR TEMPE, AZ...so you did play in AZ once long ago... it's time to come back!!
Posted on Sep 11, 2017
Name: Jason
Just discovered your band...how did I miss this over the past 20 years? Hoping for a US Tour, doesn't look like you have played Phoenix, AZ yet?
Posted on Sep 6, 2017
Name: Scott
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Listening to your new album ASTROMYTHOLOGY...IT BLEW ME AWAY! Fast paced,hard core, Goth/Punk I'm retrograding back to the 80's
Posted on Sep 1, 2017
Name: Larkin
New listener, lovely music
Posted on May 25, 2015
Name: Daniel
Dear all,
<br>I joined your concert in Kaiserslautern and I was so positively impressed by your performance and your energy! I really enjoyed being there and I am so glad about being there. I liked you being within the crowd and talking to everyone afterwards like you were an old friend. I hope I will see you another time and I must admit that this concert was one of the best I ever had!
<br>Thanks, Daniel
Posted on Nov 6, 2014
Name: A Technicalkly Anonymous Friend of the Band
To the message from
Posted on Apr 30, 2014
Name: Aramiz Rempika
Hey, guys.
<br>when they come to Mexico?
Posted on Feb 27, 2014
Name: Heiko
I'm missing Norway on your summer tour 2014 :-(
Posted on Feb 20, 2014
Name: Vania
If I breath...I just because of you. Thanks...
Posted on Sep 20, 2013
Name: Katie
Hey. I discovered you guys searching assemblage 23 on Instagram. Thanks to all the triton fest posts. I love your lyrics. It's good to hear that from one of the darker (if I can call it that) genres. Honestly I thought your music would be darker when I first saw a picture but I was far off base. Thanks. You've gained a new fan.
Posted on Sep 6, 2013
Name: Hannah
You are and always have been one of my absolute favorite bands and I thank you so much for that! Never give up and never stop believing. You have taught me those things and I truly appreciate it. I love each and every one of you! ^__^
Posted on Aug 13, 2013
Name: Hasizombie
Thanks for the gig in germany -m'era luna, even it was very short...
Posted on Jul 4, 2013
Name: ravenslament
happy birthday rogue
Posted on Jul 4, 2013
Name: Barbara
Happy Birthday to you, Rogue,
looking forward to the M'era Luna next month. Have a wonderful day.
Posted on May 29, 2013
Name: Dragonfly
I really miss when you guys would tour in the US. I've seen you in concert in Columbus, OH many times. I hope you come back soon!
Posted on Apr 21, 2013
Posted on Jan 23, 2013
Name: Ophelia Batwing
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I have been listening to Cruxshadows not for a very long time but i have fallen in love with you guys and your wonderful sound.

I'm hoping to see a concert soon and i'm looking forward to it a great deal <3
Thanks x
Posted on Jan 8, 2013
Name: Swedenka
Music that touched my life and helped me trough difficulties in it. Thank you!
Posted on Jan 6, 2013
Name: Cindy
Thanks for the great and touching concerts in Germany.

Can´t wait to see you in Summer again.

Wishing you a great time for the last two shows and hope you can find some rest after the tour.

Love Cindy

Posted on Dec 28, 2012
Name: ZuiCide
Thank you all for a nice Concert in Hannover

Get well Soon and i Wish a Happy New Year .
Posted on Dec 27, 2012
Name: Angel Miette
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Are we going to see any State side concerts this coming year? I have been really wanting to go to a concert since I saw you guys last at The Haunt years ago. Although if it is possible to find a venue that allows children my girls would love to go too. :-)
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
Name: ZuiCide
Wonderful, you sweetens our Christmas and our concert visits again and again.

We look forward to see you on the christmas ball.

By the way, it would be nice if you can visit Hamburg again on next tour.

I wish you all the best.
Posted on Dec 12, 2012
Name: Natalie
Paying annual homage to your Christmas songs which I love (including oldie but goodie Happy Xmas). Look forward to the new one.
Posted on Nov 28, 2012
Name: Larry Lewis
WOW! I dig your music.. This stuff brings back great memories from 1980's... I never thought a new band could equal the quality music I listened to when I was 18... Keep up the great work.. Your new fan..
Posted on Oct 25, 2012
Name: Mark Love
Found CruxShadows via John Ringo, and Winterborn grabbed me first. For some reason the war songs make me tear up just like Last Post on ANZAC day. I suppose its the contrast to the standard modern view that warriors, by definition, have only enough intelligence to qualify as evil rather than merely thuggish. And that all soldiers should be spat upon by any "right thinking" person.
Posted on Sep 13, 2012
Name: Anya
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Hi, just here to let you guys know that you are a wonderful and super talented band that needs more appreciation =)and I wish I could see you live (come to Canada). Currently working on a fan site for a university project that is dedicated fully to Cruxshadows, so hopefully it'll turn into something nice
Posted on Sep 5, 2012
Name: Queen Debo
AMAZING DragonCon show, as always, and the BEST Goth panel I have ever attended. Rogue truly represents the Goth movement and is so sincere and passionate. May the Cruxshadows be BLESSED by the Higher Power of their choice. Peace, love, and continued success to you ALL! ROCK ON!!!!!
Posted on Sep 5, 2012
Name: Skaught
Loved the show at Dragon*Con, though it's bittersweet to see Jessica moving on. Bought the new album through Amazon as soon as I could. Chalk that sale up as one more directly attributable to you guys going to D*C!
Posted on Sep 1, 2012
Name: Ms.B.Havin.
I'm a newbie.
<br>Just wanted to say that I think the website is excellant.
<br>Any chance of some UK gigs?
Posted on Aug 13, 2012
Name: Barbara
The Crüxshadows will be on the Mera Luna festival in Hildesheim/Germany next year in August! So thers is something to look forward to (though still far away).
Posted on Aug 8, 2012
Name: ravenslament
newcastle was excellent . can't wait 'til you are back on these shores hopefully at wgw .
Posted on Aug 6, 2012
Name: Darkmelli
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Thank you for the great gig in Mannheim, it was so much fun to see you and I love your songs. Thank you for the nice photo :) Best wishes send Darkmelli
Die Stimme der Nacht
Posted on Aug 5, 2012
Name: Kai
Hey, thanks for the great great gig in Mannheim. If you need some pictures for your live gallery, feel free to use mine, that´s the least I can do to thank for this awesome evening :-)

Posted on Aug 5, 2012
Name: your cook ;o)
i hope, you enjoyed the trip to us in Mannheim ;o) wish you all the best and the cuty too...*lol* hope i see you again...was verry nice
Posted on Aug 1, 2012
Name: Barbara
Fantastic evening in Göttingen! We really love your unique wish to get in contact with your audience. That's why we love you. The new CD is really worth listening again and again. Come back soon.
Posted on Jul 28, 2012
Name: Mic.
Amazing performance at Legends in Newcastle last night, can't wait to see you again :)
Posted on Jul 23, 2012
Name: TarynHeiland
I am thrilled I'll get to see you on tour in Mannheim. I planned my trip around the concert. Your music has meant so much to me over the past few years; it has helped me find strength, hope, and purpose...thank you!
Posted on Jul 18, 2012
Name: Nathalie Marciniak
Thanks a lot for comming to München, it was really great to see you and I hope it won´t take too long for me to see you guys in Germany again. Para los que hablan espanol, muchas gracias por venir, ustedes son maravillosos.
Posted on Jul 8, 2012
Name: RavenWhisper
That's sad, you did not get enough 'happy birthdays'. Well I hope you had a great birthday, Rouge, and some good fun with your family.
Posted on Jul 4, 2012
Name: XxShadowMistXx
Happy Birthday Rogue!! =D
Posted on Jul 4, 2012
Name: ravenslament
happy birthday rogue
Posted on Jul 4, 2012
Name: Barbara
Happy Birthday to you Rogue!
Have a fine day!

Posted on Jun 29, 2012
Name: Lisa
Not sure if i missed or heard about them, but you guys need some dates in the USA(San Antonio):)
Posted on Jun 26, 2012
Name: ravenslament
will the new album be available to buy when you play in europe ?
Posted on May 29, 2012
Name: alex
hey guys it's me again just saying that you reach out to a lot of people of all ages including me because I'm 14 years old and you are my favorite band keep making that music
Posted on May 22, 2012
Name: Tim
Its amazing to know you guys are still kicking. I first heard you guys back in the day of the Vampire the Masquerade soundtrack with Deception, and fell in love when I was introduced to Marylin My Bitterness 2.0. I sought to special order CDs because back then you werent really available in stores. But I kinda fell out until recently. I possess the iHeartRadio app on my phone, and there you guys showed up with songs that were new to me. Birthday was the one that dragged me in all over again. You guys are simply amazing, your sound captivating and hypnotic. If and when you ever come through Texas, I will be the first one waiting. Until then, its back to hunting down my new favorite songs from you guys, as well as my old faves.
Posted on May 11, 2012
Name: alex
oh and by the way can you guys please do a us tour i would love to see that
Posted on May 11, 2012
Name: alex
i love you guys you are my favorite band and i really want to see you guys on tour you are very inspirational and i love your music ever since i heard it (when i was 3) you guys are the best
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