The Crüxshadows are:
Rogue Jessica Jen (Pyro) David JoHanna Mike Jenne

BirthdateJuly 4
InstrumentsVocals, Violin, Keyboard Programming, Drum Programming, Bass Programming, and Sequences... etc.
Positionwrites both the lyrics and music for the Cruxshadows, and is the founder and leader of the band.
PlatformApple Macintosh, currently: Macbook Pro
Quote"I am not ashamed... honesty, tempered by love, can feel no shame."

"If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, then the road to Heaven is paved with honest attempts."

"It is the man gripped by fear, who still stands to face his enemies, that is truly possessed of bravery."
LivedIn the US: Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Florida. In Germany: Bavaria.
Favorite Touring Experience"The best feeling is finding you have fans who really, sincerely care about your music in cities you've never been to before. It's very fulfilling to feel as if you've reached people artistically."
Dietprimarily consists of Sushi, salads, rice, grilled meats & shellfish, fruits, nuts, & vegetables. Treats include hard candies & fruit gummis, ice cream, & occasionally cheese. Does not eat fried food, greasy (greasy) food, pasteries (pastries), or heavy dressings or sauces. Does not under any circumstances drink caffeine. Likes Spicy things- particularly red pepper, Jalapenos, and wasabi. Drinks herbal infusions (we call that herbal tea in America), water, & Vitamin Water. No Carbonated drinks & "no bubbles in the drinking water please..."
Likes, Loves, & InspirationsGibran, Klimt, Schostacovich, E.A. Poe, Shelly, Keats, Fusseli, Bernini, Mythology, Tim Burton, Sergei Eisenstien, Akhenaten, Bowie, Thomas Jefferson, Stefan Groth, William Blake, Robert Smith, Waterhouse, St. Theresa, Peter Murphy, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, Mozart, Audrey Hepburn, Brett Favre, Friedrich, Turner, Bobby Bowden, Joan of Arc, The Madonna, Vincent Price, Charles Addams & his "family", My Family, My Country, Emily Bronte, Nefertiti, Einstein, Aten-Ra, Arturis Rex Dux Bellorum, JK Rowling, Audy Murphy, CS Lewis, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Neil Gaiman, Mesh, Jeremy Brett in his role as Sherlock Holmes, Jimmy Stewart, Björk, Wyatt Perko, Jean Cocteau, and my wife Jessica.

Benedictus Deus.
Favorite Color
(other than black)
Previous ProjectsStone Pale Gods, Culture Shock, Founding member of the Crüxshadows
Favorite Video GamesTomb Raider (whichever version is current), No One Lives Forever 1 & 2, Soul Blade, Soul Calibur  (all of them), Some of the Resident Evil titles, Dead or Alive, Tempest, Madden (whatever year it is), Big Bang Chess, Risk (Lux Deluxe for iPhone & Touch).
Favorite TV showsBig Bang Theory, Lost, Farscape, The X-Files, & The Storyteller. Also the Addams Family, Scooby Doo, & the occasional Anime.
Favorite MoviesOrpheus, Wings of Desire, Millions, Saint Ralph, The Incredibles, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Brazil, Excaliber, Sky Captain, X-Files Fight the Future, Peace Keeper Wars, Edward Scissorhands, 13th Warrior, Monsters Inc., Breakfast at Tiffanys, Iron Giant, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hero, Mirrormask, Corpse Bride, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter films, Rear Window, North by Northwest, City of the Lost Children, Crouching Tiger- Hidden Dragon, Coucteau's Beauty & the Beast, Joe vs. the Volcano, Amelie, Its a wonderful life, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, the first 2 Batmans, 300 And many more... "Really, I just love movies... Anything that takes you away and places you into another reality... another perspective... i am into formalist film. I don't like shock inspired gore and violence, realistic violence, or slice of life realism in most cases."
Favorite BooksHarry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, American Gods, Coraline, Stardust, Neverwhere, Peter Pan, The Graveyard Book, various Mythologies, The Prophet, Alice's adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, & many more. Likes audio books for iPod.
LikesEmotion, Compassion, Old Cemeteries, Sincerity, freedom, Lollipops, Cream Soda( well not so much any more...I gave up carbonated beverages!), MilkShakes, My laptop computers (Macbook Pro), Almond & Pistaschio flavored ice cream, Creativity, Sexuality, almond flavored anything (really), Mexican food, Violin/String Music, OS X, Painting, Piña Colada Flavored stuff, Root Beer flavored anything, Pistacio Ice Cream ( I know I already said that), Farscape, Sculptures, X-files, Video Games, Sugar, Scooby Doo (without Scrappy!),SOBEs & Vitamin Water, Poetry, My Ipod Touch, My dog "Roman", My dog "AJAX", Rats, Egyptology, Romanticism, Wings (The ones you fly with, not the ones you eat...), My cat "Napoleon Cassanova"(He French kisses...Yuck), I LOVE SUSHI, Shadows, Dreams, Apple Macintosh, Ice Cream, Loyalty, Beauty, Imagination, and the sublime. and uh... Jessica...(actually I love her)
DislikesRudeness, Hypocrisy, Onions, Anything with Caffeine, Drug Abuse, Hatefulness, Smoking, Prejudice, Alcohol, Frozen Vegetables, Closemindedness, Religious Fundamentalism, Sexual repression through the government, Liberal extremism, The news media and their tabloid style control of the world, Chocolate, cellulite, bad breath, greasy or fried food, carbonated drinks, losing ones youth, selfishness, cowardice, Bigotry, Socialism, excuses, regret, manipulation, anyone or anything that dictates morality via the law, the limitation of freedom, deconstruction without construction, tax, political correctness, short sitedness, incompetence, and cities without 24 hour services (What are we night people supposed to eat or buy when everything closes before 2am!!!).